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Started by the Community, Continued for the Community
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"It all started with my daughters’ lunch.

"My husband and I were packing healthy lunches for our kids, only to find that we were being undermined by the school’s offerings of junk food with no nutritional value. It made me angry. So I decided to do something about it. I made a movie." - Amy Kalafa

Two Angry MomsCo-op and community members alike gathered on Thursday, September 26 to view Two Angry Moms, a 2007 documentary which shows not only what is wrong with school food, but what can be done to get healthy, good tasting, real food into school cafeterias.

Following the screening, we were honored to host the filmmaker of Two Angry Moms, Amy Kalafa, for a panel discussion along with other members of our Local Food community:

As a follow-up to our discussion, Ms. Kalafa set up an online forum to help coordinate people in Central Bucks County that are interested in taking action: click here to learn more. You will be re-directed to a secure online community which requires signing in with email and password. For more information about Amy Kalafa and the Two Angry Moms project, visit

As we move forward with our Phase One store, we are looking for a part time General Manager!

If you have grocery experience, want to work part-time (20 – 30 hours per week, with opportunity to become full time), and love the idea of a member-owned grocery with great local food, this could be your best job ever.  We’re looking for someone with:  

- 5 or more years experience in grocery management,

- SafeServe certification,

- ability to sort and move objects and goods weighing up to 50 lbs,

- some knowledge of POS and/or online ordering systems.

Main responsibilities include: inventory control and merchandising; day to day operations of the store; customer service; budgeting and reporting; supervision of small paid and volunteer staff; representing the co-op in the community and working with the Board and other co-op committees to make the co-op a success.  The full job description can be found here.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in applying for this position, please submit resume with cover letter to: or send to 18 Lenape Lane, Doylestown PA  18901

 FEATURED RECIPE - Roasted Chickpeas
photo credit:
Kids love crunchy snacks. Instead of buying potato chips, try roasting chickpeas. Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) are full of vitamins, minerals, and protein that our children need and are a great after-school snack.

Find the recipe here.

by Cathy Morano

Lunch Wars by Amy Kalafa

The book of the month discussed at the Doylestown Bookshop on Tuesday, September 10 was Lunch Wars, written by filmmaker Amy Kalafa (c 2011).  The book was written AFTER the author had created a documentary about school lunch food titled Two Angry Moms: Fighting for the Health of America’s Children. Countless people who saw the film asked her what they could do to improve the quality of the food our children are getting in school. In response, she wrote this book. 

Amy is not a “rabble-rouser.” She is a film-maker. She developed an interest in good, nutritious food through her French husband, and then began to understand the connections between nutritious food and health. Given this understanding, she became so concerned over what her children were eating in school, that she had to do something about it. Hence the film. 

In our usual book club reviews, we begin by chatting about something in the book that surprised or intrigued us, and then go off on a variety of related topics.  This month, however, we had the advantage of having the author with us! Therefore, the review was structured around questions Ms. Kalafa asked of us, and questions we asked of her. 

Several interesting notions were addressed. First, local farmers WANT to work with schools, as it provides them with a stable outlet for their produce. Second, a way to get kids interested in quality foods is to have a “smoothie day” and an “ethnic foods day”. Third, more than half of children, in general, take a lunch to school. If the food was of better quality, a higher proportion of parents would buy lunches, and the school lunch program costs would go down. More important, if the food was better, the children would be healthier and therefore would be better learners. Read more here.


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