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Started by the Community, Continued for the Community
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by Neal Carson

Just as the weather is changing, so is our store! A month ago it seemed that summer could go on forever; our producers were still harvesting the summer crops; we were walking around without coats. In the store, a month ago, we still had Eden Organic Spa walls up; floor plans and equipment choices were changing from week to week; our POS system was still in boxes waiting to be set up. My, oh my, how things have changed.

On October 24th we celebrated the National Day of Food and invited all of our members, friends and supporters to come in and see the progress on our new co-op. We wish our “Construction Crew” aka the “Wrecking Crew of One,” Mr. Hugh Downing, could have been there to hear all the accolades. So many commented on the progress made to date!

  • All of the spa treatment room walls are now down
  • Window and door frames have been opened up for our new look
  • Our Wi-fi network is installed and functioning, and our Revel POS system is being configured
  • Our floor plan and equipment specs have been finalized and submitted to both Doylestown Borough and Bucks County Dept. of Health
  • We have received approval on our signage and our walk-in cooler in the back
  • Over 60 farmers, producers and distributors have been contacted and many accounts are set up and ready to place orders
  • Our opening day product list is coming together more every day

Much work remains to be done of course. Once we receive green lights from the borough and county, we can begin construction/electrical/plumbing work, and plan to install our various refrigerators, freezers, shelves and other equipment.

November promises to be a busy, busy month as we build the Doylestown Food Co-op and prepare to open our incredible store!

Food Co-op Hosts Open House to Celebrate Food Day


Food Day is a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. Across the US, more than 4,500 events in all 50 states took place on Thursday, October 24, 2013.

food_table.jpgThe Co-op certainly did its part on October 24 when we opened our doors to the public for the first time, offering a rich array of sweet and savory treats made with local, fresh, seasonal ingredients. Most of the delicious food contributions were lovingly made by our co-op members. Additional food and beverage donations were provided by local producers and Eco-system partners, rounding out the rich tapestry of taste sensations.

Some of the many scrumptious offerings enjoyed by all who attended included: creamy tomato basil soup, pumpkin soup with a kick, the profoundly delectable pumpkin hummus, chili pepper cornbread whoopee pies with honey buttercream filling, autumn spiced cookies, bite-sized pumpkin muffins that fit perfectly in a child’s hand, broccoli cheddar roll ups, quinoa stuffed mushrooms, parsnip mini cupcakes, organic Swedish meatballs, apples and brie on crackers, chunky apple pear sauce, an array of pumpkin and spiced pies ... the taste sensations went on. People chatted with each other and made new friends while sampling all the delicious treats. There were endless requests for all the food recipes so the Co-op is in the process of compiling them to share with you in future Appetizer newsletters.

Read more!

FEATURED PRODUCER - Giggling Goat Dairy

Interested in getting local, farmstead fresh, handcrafted cheese?  Look no further. The Giggling Goat Dairy, owned by Teri Jones, provides a variety of farmstead cheeses made from goat milk produced on her farm.  Goat milk, you say? Yes!  It turns out that goat milk has more protein, calcium and 1/3 less cholesterol than cow milk! Who knew? Moreover, it is easier for many to digest as the fatty chains are smaller (making it "naturally" homogenized).  Amazingly, it's basically a "whole food." While it would be boring, one could live on goat milk alone! World-wide, goat milk is the most popular dairy milk! Yet, many of us say "yuck." Why is that?

I interviewed Teri at our recent "Open House" at the Doylestown Food Co-Op Store. I learned that all of the Giggling Goat Dairy cheeses are made by hand, in small batches, to the highest standards.  She, and her partner-in-life, Trish Jones, with recently added help from  Del Val Ag college students (Von Scully, Taryn Yerkley, and Cassandra Brandt) milk the goats BY HAND twice a day! Every goat has a name, and every goat gets TLC. Result? Happy goats! Happy goats are healthy goats, which makes for great milk, and you need great milk to make great cheese. Voila! As an aside, this is a great opportunity for Del Val Ag students to gain experience. One of the students has switched her passion from cows to goats; another is now dreaming of running a goat dairy. The milking help from the students allows Teri to leave the farm and go to farmer's markets and community events to educate folks about goat cheese, as well as sell her cheese. A win-win-win -- the students get experience; a local farm is sustained, and our community gets local, fresh, nutritious food.

Please read more about Giggling Goat Dairy on our blog.

 FEATURED RECIPE - Roasted Broccoli with Garlic & Red Pepper

Recipe submitted by RITA M. SARAO

Finding local broccoli can be a real challenge, but the superior taste really is  worth the extra work. Grab some now before the freezing overnight temperatures take hold an whip up a batch of yummy, Roasted Broccoli with Garlic and Red Pepper. Find the recipe here.


Reprinted with permission from the Doylestown Observer

Last month, filmmaker, activist and author Amy Kalafa visited Doylestown twice to promote the cause she’s been working on for years: getting healthier food into school cafeterias.

Amy, a resident of Weston, Connecticut., made a documentary in 2007 called “Two Angry Moms” in conjunction with Dr. Susan Rubin, a private health counselor and fellow “Angry Mom.”

The film follows efforts in several parts of the country to improve the quality of food provided to students.

In addition, Amy published a book, “Lunch Wars: How to Start a School Food Revolution and Win the Battle for Our Children’s Health,” in August 2011.

She wrote it in response to the many people who saw the film and asked, “How can I make a difference in my own community?”

Just weeks ago, on September 10th, the author came to the Doylestown Bookshop to discuss the book and answer local residents’ questions.

On September 26th she returned, this time to the County Theater for a screening of the 86-minute film.

Following the film, Amy and a panel of local women involved in the healthier food movement answered questions from audience members, and Amy signed copies of her book.

In the documentary, kids, parents, school administrators, chefs, nutritional experts and many others are interviewed and share their perspectives.

Alarming statistics are raised as well.

Read more here.

Farm Fresh Eggs SignHard boiled eggs fresh from the farm are harder to peel because "the fresher the egg, the more the membranes clings to the shell itself. With eggs that are just a day or two old, the outer membrane beneath the shell sticks tightly to the shell making peeling the egg almost impossible." (more here) So, next time you want to make hardboiled eggs with super-fresh eggs, try STEAMING them instead! Bring your water to a boil, add eggs (in a steamer basket) and steam for 18 minutes. Then plunge into ice-cold water. Perfectly cooked eggs and the shells should be much easier to remove!

Some other neat facts about farm fresh eggs (source):
  • Pasture-raised eggs are 10% less fatty than store-bought counterparts.
  • Organic, farm-fresh, pasture-fed eggs contain 34% less cholesterol, 40% more vitamin A, and 400% more omega-3 fatty acids.*
  • An egg from a pastured hen has 30% more vitamin E** and produces HDL or good cholesterol and lower “bad” triglycerides.***
  • Eggs are the only food that contain Vitamin D, which is greater and healthier in a pasture-fed, organic egg.

* According to USDA Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education Program
**Animal Feed Science and Technology, 1998
***Nutrition, 1993
(image from


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