Doylestown Farmers Market: Fresh Food and Other Fun Items Year Round

National Farmers Market Week may have passed, but local Doylestown markets still provide fresh produce and other goodies throughout the year.

Over 30 rotating vendors present an idyllic open-air setting. Discover organic produce, eggs, dairy, kombucha and meats all under one roof until mid-November at this outdoor market.

Fresh Produce

Once cooler temperatures arrive, local farmers markets begin preparing for autumn. Doylestown Farmers Market will remain open through Nov. 20 on Hamilton Street between West Oakland Avenue and West State Street and features peppers, eggplant, kale, sweet potatoes winter squash lettuces Napa cabbage and spinach as fall produce offerings.

The Yardley Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 9 am-1 pm at Buttonwood Park in Yardley and features all-natural jerk sauces, herbs and fresh pressed apple cider along with an abundance of produce such as apples, pears, figs and plums.

At Lou’s Farm Mart on Route 13, they serve delicious hoagies and warm pies alongside fresh produce, bakery goods, dairy products and frozen goods. Rice’s Sale and Country Market are bargain hunters’ heaven! Find everything from vintage finds to fresh food here! No Such is an impressive third-generation family farm/market which features fresh produce year round as well as in-house chef prepared entrees/sides as well as deli, bakery goods, dairy goods and frozen products at No Such.

Baked Goods

Farmers markets around Doylestown provide fresh, local ingredients and exciting new experiences, from baked goods and cheeses to deli sandwiches and musical performances. You may even discover opportunities for musical workshops!

At Doylestown Farmers Market, Milk House Farm Market offers grass-fed beef, organic poultry and eggs as well as locally produced products such as honey, unprocessed honey jarred jams & jellies natural body care products and fair trade coffee roasted locally.

Other vendors at the market include Jersey Pickles, Tybuk Farm Maple Syrup and Charlie’s Microgreens. Special events hosted throughout the year at this market include Earth Day on April 27, GardenFest on May 18 and chef demonstrations.

Quakertown Farmers Market is open every Saturday from April 16 through November 19. Both indoor and outdoor shopping is available with climate-controlled comfort; also there are more than 30 rotating vendors selling an assortment of foodstuffs.

Sourdough Bread

Bianca Saracini and Danny Perez took life’s challenges head on, not by making lemonade but by baking bread instead. “That is our passion,” Bianca states, explaining their artisanal sourdough is available at local farmers markets such as Doylestown, Wrightstown and Yardley as well as focaccia, soft pretzels and cinnamon buns made with their special recipe sourdoughs.

Sourdough requires a sour dough starter that must be fed regularly with flour and water, known as the mother, composed of both wild yeast and bacteria.

Bianca and Danny use an old-school baking process for their sourdough bread, bagels and pretzels. Their quality ingredients come from Castle Valley Mill in Doylestown as well as Larder at Market Street’s rye and wheat berries – they caution that their products may not be gluten-free but most people who are sensitive to gluten can consume them without issue; furthermore they have received certification by Global Food Safety Initiative, making their offerings safer products for those with food allergies or sensitivities.


Maximuck’s Farm Market on Long Lane in Doylestown offers all your daily staples – like glass-bottled milk and hormone-free beef – using eco-friendly techniques and practices, so that you can feel good about what’s on your plate. This family-run business employs the latest eco-friendly practices so you can shop guilt free.

Lou’s Farm Mart, famous for its year-round producer-only market, is an essential stop for farmers and food lovers alike. Offering fresh produce, meats, eggs, artisanal baked goods, coffee & honey from local farms; as well as prepared foods that can be delivered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly; they even offer their Berger Box subscription offering antibiotic and hormone-free meats and dairy that can be delivered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – you won’t want to miss this experience!

The Doylestown Farmers Market runs Saturdays until November 18th. Aside from finding daily produce, it’s also a fantastic place to discover unique treats like mushrooms, cheese, dog treats, sourdough bread and baked goods made locally – as well as enjoy shopping local while eating lunch in an idyllic outdoor setting! It is definitely worth making the drive out there to experience shopping locally while having delicious lunch in this picturesque outdoor setting!


One of Bucks County’s oldest farmers markets, this one takes pride in being a producers-only market. Vendors offer produce, mushrooms, meats, bread and pastries, sauces ciders and natural body care products from across Bucks. Liberty Roasters serves up cold iced coffee while Love Jerk Hut offers samples of its 12 jerk sauce varieties!

Mainly Mushrooms LLC of Doylestown has earned a loyal clientele through their wild-foraged and cultivated exotic mushrooms, both wild-collected and grown commercially. Morels and chicken-of-the-woods mushrooms typically appear during spring, while chanterelles, black trumpets, maitake (aka hedgehog) mushrooms and cauliflower appear throughout summer and fall, before oysters sprout throughout winter months.

Darrah advises to always cook mushrooms prior to eating them to release their nutrients and flavor, such as sauteing with olive oil and seasoning them with a bit of salt, or including them in salads with local apples, candied walnuts, and farmhouse cheddar. When it comes to storage, always place loosely wrapped paper packages inside the refrigerator for best results.


At this market, producers-only vendors sell fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, mushrooms, cheese and dog treats produced right in town. Plus local craftspeople display their works.

Visit Doylestown Farmers Market if you’re an avid gardener; the market provides all of the supplies to keep your greens healthy and vibrant, such as herbs, vegetable plants and seedlings. Plus it’s an excellent place for organic fertilizer and eco-friendly products!

The Doylestown Farmers Market runs May through November at 2-50 Hamilton Street and was originally owned by Harry and Elma Smith when they bought it in 1941, who then collaborated with Arlington Myers to transform it into a farmers market in 1950 – later becoming Lantern Hill community homes and shops. Later moved to its present location of Long Lane where renovation was complete allowing climate-controlled shopping experiences along with free parking, clean bathrooms, free Wi-Fi access and 200,000 sq/ft indoor-outdoor shopping space!

Dog Treats

At Doylestown Borough, Wrightstown and Ambler farmers markets this weekend, attendees were enjoying a sunny stroll with their four-legged companions. Charlotte Hernandez of Perkasie brought along Lupe and Mea to explore Saturday. “It’s really dog-friendly environment,” she noted, noting that Lupe could sniff around sniff out food as she browsed with Mea. “Lupe can even meet new people!”

Tradition has become part of life for many people who attend farmers markets every summer. Meeting neighbors, talking with vendors, or simply enjoying the warm summer weather are all wonderful aspects of attending these markets, which bring families together to shop for produce and specialty items that suit everyone.

The Doylestown Market will take place every Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Hamilton and State Streets in Doylestown from now until Nov 18th, and Wrightstown Farmers Market can also be found each Saturday while Ambler’s offers their offerings Mondays.


Doylestown Farmers Market will kick-off their spring season Saturday on South Hamilton Street between West State and Oakland Avenue with over 30 vendors including Jersey Pickles, Tybuk Farm Maple Syrup and Charlie’s Microgreens – some newcomers to this market may include Zaffrus offering saffron-based health products; Apple Ridge Farm (Saylorsburg Monroe County) selling meat eggs and produce; Rush Apiaries selling honey products – and many more returning vendors!

Solrig Farms of Oakmont’s Phyllis Hanson takes great pleasure in sharing with customers about the nutrition and flavor of these tiny leaves, their mission being to inform customers on how nutritious and flavorful these microgreens can be.

She cultivates basil, arugula and red cabbage microgreens as well as offering buckwheat mustard and other herbs that will keep your brain sharp so you can do better intellectual work & play better over online casinos reviewed on  the – her products being the result of combining her passions for farming and chemistry. Her business was inspired by viewing a PBS documentary and reading technical journal articles regarding microgreens.