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Started by the Community, Continued for the Community
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Mira's Granola Tasting

Have you tried one of Mira’s Homemade Granola varieties yet? The Doylestown Food Market carries 4 delicious choices: Blueberry Banana, Cacao & Hemp, Double Nut, and Mango Coconut. Did you know that each flavor uses only five or fewer raw and organic ingredients? And here’s a bonus: the granolas are not just for breakfast. They can be used as crunchy additions to a number of foods such as oatmeal, salads, and yogurt.


Producer Mira Yardumian, owner of Mira’s Homemade, started her love for granola in the late 1960’s as part of her introduction to ‘natural foods’. In the early ‘70’s, Mira made a granola she sold in local stores. Then, as she says, “I didn’t want to be making it anymore when I got interested in raw foods. I went looking for granola options that were raw and was dissatisfied with what was out therMira_and_hales_2.15.14.jpge so I just started making it on my own.” These early raw granola versions were initially made just for family and friends, and also sold at the co-op close to her home in Bryn Athyn. The granola gained popularity in the community. Mira continues, “Then, one of the owners of a local health food store told me it was so good that if I got certified with the Department of Agriculture they would sell it. And that’s what got me started.” The current business rendition of Mira’s Homemade began in November of 2011. 

As with many other local producers with a passion for food, Mira says, “A lot of my training occurred in my own kitchen through trial and error. I just always loved to feed people and I’ve always loved to cook. It’s a very common story.” She added, “The business evolved; it was meant to be; and became much more than I ever thought.” 

When asked about what inspires her, Mira responded, “My greatest guiding principle is compassion. Over the past four decades I’ve sought to gently spread a compassionate mind set by sharing healthy, delicious, plant based foods with my family, friends and community.” The producer followed this up with a comment about how her product supports her guiding principle: “Mira’s Homemade is just an evolution of that endeavor. I want to make a contribution to a world that’s compassionate and I see that can be accomplished through food choices because food choices impact the planet in so many ways and the people that live on it.”

Here’s something people may not know about Mira’s company: “We give a portion of our profits to organizations that promote animal welfare and also to end world hunger, which I feel is connected to our food choices. Even without substantial profit, we have completed that commitment every year we’ve been in business – and I’ll keep doing it because it’s important for me.”   

Mira concluded our interview by acknowledging and complimenting the co-op. “I appreciate the Doylestown Food Market and the Producer of the Month Program. I never had any store have this kind of an interest – it sets you apart.” We appreciate Mira’s appreciation, and her willingness to be our Producer of the Month. When reminded of our March theme, Spring Cleaning: Inside and Out, Mira’s final comment was, “Eat the granola; it keeps your pipes clean!” 

Learn more about Mira and her Homemade Granola at the website: 


June 04, 2016 at 1pm - 4pm
Doylestown Food Market

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