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More than just Olive Oil around a brick oven - educational and delicious


On February 9th, interested members of our Co-op attended an amazing event.  Tasting Olive Oil Around My Brick Oven was hosted by Roberto, a professional olive oil taster,  and Liliana Cetrullo in order to introduce co-op members to the tasting and appreciation of premium olive oil.  They are co-op members and founders of the company Italities, a business that imports single estate artisanal olive oil that the end user can trace from orchard to table.  Exclusively for members of the Doylestown Food Co-op . 

The day was so much more than anyone expected.  If you are a co-op member and are interested in participating in the next hosted Tasting, then email Roberto.  He'll schedule the Tasting convenient for interested members and we'll then post it for others to participate as well.  They'll give you directions to their home in Lahaska.  Attendance is limited to 12 people!  Pictures, reviews, and recipes are all below!




"I had seen a YouTube video on olive oil tasting years ago and had been curious ever since to try one myself. When I received the co-op newsletter with listing for the Italities Olive Oil Seminar I jumped to the opportunity. From the description, we thought it was going to be a simple demonstration with oil tasting and food pairing that would probably last oner to two hours. Boy did we get more than we bargained for! 

First Roberto taught us the basics of olive oil tasting, what flavors and characteristics to look for, and what's not good in some oils. We then tasted four different types of oils to help us identify the qualities he spoke about. 

Then Roberto and Liliana "teleported" us to Italy for a few hours with a 5-course tasting menu paired with several olive oils. Mauro and I were the only vegans there, but all of the dishes served were vegan to begin with (cheese and other ingredients were added for the rest of the group). We were so impressed with the hosts' versatility and consideration.

Wonderful company of other co-op members, intelligent conversation, wine and an abundance of delicious food and olive oil made the evening absolutely outstanding. The knowledge we acquired and the flavors of the wonderful food will linger on."      Submitted by Lydia Grossov and Mauro Reis

Lydia  was so fascinated by what she learned, she sourced this Washington Post article on olive oil. The_Tasters_2.jpg

IMG_0463.jpgPizza fresh from the brick oven!

Recipe for Liliana'sbaked pears with oilIMG_0469.jpgIMG_0470.jpg




Liliana's chick pea soupRecipe for Liliana's Chickpea soup

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  • Kevin Jameson
    commented 2013-02-18 13:10:10 -0500
    Bellissimo! What a lovely evening with wonderfully warm new-found-friends Roberto and Liliana Cetrullo, and the Co-op “family” that joined in the tasty olive olio celebration!

    The conversations were peppered with lively banter, and the shared knowledge and love for the food and terra of Italy was sublime.
    Beyond the delicious oils and dishes (of which there were many), the highlight was how Roberto and Liliana made each of us warmly welcome in their home nestled in the woods.

    Alas, when reflecting on the regrets of such bountiful gatherings… tis that they come to an end :) Fondest wishes to those of you lucky enough to have a last opportunity to partake. Sign-up now, you won’t be disappointed.~ Kevin Jameson and Ann Redfield